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Halloween Challenge: Trick or Drabble

We've been a little inactive lately because stuff happened but we're back now with our annual

Halloween: Trick or Drabble Challenge!!

step one: people who want to will set up "houses" by commenting on this Trick or Drabble post with their usernames.

You have the option of creating a candy bowl with options of candy that people can select from. For example, if I were to set up a candy bowl, I would do it in the following way:
kira_shadow's: candy bowl:
-Assorted Kanju
-Assorted Juniors
-... etc

You don't need one of those, though, if you're willing to write whatever, just say so.

If you have a limited time, say so up front (i.e. "I can only give out 10 drabbles!) because we would rather you participate a little rather than not at all. But we'll leave this go for 2 weeks so people have plenty of time. Even if you've never written for us before, that's okay! This is a party! everybody is welcome to try.

step two: members request a drabble simply by commenting on the user they want with "Trick or Drabble!"

If the user has a candy bowl you can request something from it! If you want something specific that they didn't list, or if the user doesn't have a candy bowl, by all means ask for it, but the Treater is under no obligation to fill your request! You can also ask to be surprised! You don't need to know the person to comment on their "house" and you can comment to as many or as few houses as you feel comfortable!

step three: the original commenter will reply with a treat!

I'm suspending the usual 100-word rule for this challenge. You can give out tootsie rolls (sentence fics) or king-sized candy bars(longer drabbles), so that anybody who wants to can play. This is just a fun way for us to participate as a community. Of course if you want to write 100 words, go right for it!

And if you're up for it, make your candy Halloween flavored! But if you'd rather not, don't feel bound by it. You can decide how much/little you want to get into it!

Thanks to moonspoken for letting us borrow her idea, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask. Pimp it out so we get as many people playing as possible for the next two weeks!


Oct. 31st, 2012 08:08 am (UTC)
Shintaro is both the youngest and has the most experience with filming out of everyone (except for the senpai, of course, and he even has more experience than some of /them/), so it's especially upsetting when he has a bad day and NGs over and over again. He's holding everyone else up, and he hates it, and he cringes when the director gets annoyed enough with him to actually tell him so in a sharp tone. With downcast eyes, Shintaro tries not to let his humiliation show. He takes a deep breath and bows deeply to everyone, again, and promises he'll get the scene right this time, again.

When the director finally okays the scene (and it's a mediocre one, much to Shintaro's chagrin), there's a collective sigh of relief. Shintaro knows that it's mostly just because it's lunchtime and everyone's hungry, but he can't help feeling the heat creep into his cheeks again. After all, they could have gotten to lunch quicker if he'd been able to get his scene filmed properly the first time around.

He considers skipping lunch, out of pure mortification, but common sense tells him that's stupid and that hunger would just cause him to flub even more in the evening. So instead he grabs a bento as surreptitiously as he can and hides in a dark corner of the set to shovel it down. If he eats as quick as possible, then he can go over his lines a few more times before filming resumes. Or brood over his failures, whichever.

"You are totally going to get early onset wrinkles squinting like this," Juri tells him, plopping down next to Shintaro in the shadows. "And die of dehydration." He has two cans of juice from the catering table in hand and he hands one to Shintaro offhandedly.

"Hey, thanks so much for positive reinforcement," Shintaro murmurs. He takes the drink and lifts it in a gesture of thanks before popping it open. "And what's 'early onset wrinkles'? There's no such thing, stupid."

"There could be," Juri argues, always willing to argue over totally inane things. "You could be the first case of it ever discovered in Japan! Or the world!" He lowers his voice conspiratorially, "Take some advice from me, bro, you never want to be the first to contract some disease. You'll have to be the test subject and have all sorts of needles poked into you, and then you'll still have to wait for them to find a cure before you get better!"

An arm drops down over each of their shoulders; it's Jesse, crouching in the little space in between the two of them. "Isn't the cure for wrinkles Botox?" Then, to Juri, "And please don't ever use 'bro' again, okay? It hurts me."

Juri shoves roughly at Jesse, who overbalances and sprawls all over Shintaro, and they're a tangle of limbs and laughter when Make-san comes to touch up their makeup because the shoot is starting again.

Sneaking looks when he can through the makeup artist's fingers, Shintaro doesn't miss the way Juri looks at him, a mixture of amusement and tenderness. He makes a mental note to wheedle the best bento flavor out of the catering staff for Juri tomorrow as a thank you for the drink and the distraction today.
Oct. 31st, 2012 07:45 pm (UTC)
awwww this is so cute and perfect and boys, i love them XD XD XD

Thank you so much!
Oct. 31st, 2012 08:01 pm (UTC)
They're so fun to write, I'm so glad you asked for them~ :D


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