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Challenge 116: Christmas Drabble Tree

Nobody wrote again this week, so I'm trying something else for the next (also, yes, I failed to do this on Friday again, sorry).

NaNo month is over, Holiday Fic exchange is about to be wrapped up in terms of writing as well, so we're getting started with our Christmas/Winter season stuff :D

So, for this week (or the next weeks, you are free to continue this as long as you wish), we're having a drabble tree again! If you forgot how things work, check THIS POST for our last one. All the rules etc. can be found there.

So, I will start the drabble tree this time around:

When Tamamori finally pulls himself together enough to go and greet his senpai, the scene he finds in the “MONSTERS” changing room is not at all what he had expected. It appears that Katori has already gone to his next job – schedule probably packed to the brim as usual (he’s a member of SMAP after all) – but Yamashita is not alone. On top of that, he also seems pretty busy with his companion.

It is more the fact of who Tamamori finds in there with Yamashita that shocks him than the fact that Yamashita is making out with somebody in his changing room. All he can do is stare from where he is still standing in the door.

“Come in or leave, Tama-chan but close the door,” the voice sounds a little breathless, from the kiss no doubt but it does get Tamamori moving – probably out of habit.

When the door clicks shut, Tamamori recovers enough brainpower to blurt out, “You two?”

“Uh…surprise?” Yamashita offers helpfully, making the other male snort softly.

Tamamori blinks at them, “I thought you didn’t…I mean I know you two…but I mean…”

“Oh great, Yamashita. You broke my group-mate.”

“You broke him yourself,” Yamashita retorted.

“He’s YOUR fanboy.”

“And you’re screwing me. Point?”

Kitayama rolled his eyes, “Okay, whatever.” He looked at Tamamori again. “Why is it so surprising? This is entirely casual. It’s always been.”

Tamamori swallowed and muttered quietly, “This is hot.”

Now Yamashita and Kitayama were both raising an eyebrow as they looked at each at each other and then turned to look at Tamamori. Almost at the same time, they offered with twin smirks, “Want to join?”


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Dec. 3rd, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
"I thought I said nothing fancy," Tamamori complained.

Miyata just smiled. "Compared to what I wanted to do, this is entirely casual."

To say Tamamori was surprised was an understatement. He left the Christmas date up to Miyata this year with the condition of it being nothing fancy. The last thing he wanted was to have to get dressed up for a fancy dinner. Instead Miyata had managed to kick out his family for the evening, lit candles (what was he, a girl?), and had something that Tamamori hoped tasted as good as it smelled in the kitchen.

But he still had to complain. Didn't want Miyata to get a big head.
Dec. 9th, 2012 07:43 pm (UTC)
"I thought I said nothing fancy," Nino had to snort at that. Jun organising something that was not fancy? It would be more likely to have snow in July.

“It’s not that fancy, is it?” Jun frowned. He had tried to tone it down from the original plan already.

“You got wines and caviar. Caviar. And geese livers.” Sho just had to raise his eyebrows. They were holding a small Christmas party for the staff who had been working with them during the concerts as a little ‘thank you’.

“But then we got beer and karaoke as well. You worry too much Sho-chan, it’ll be fun!” Trust Aiba to go along with whatever they’d got. And Sho was now starting to regret sounding a bit peevish because Jun hadn’t stopped frowning. It was only when Ohno put his hand on Jun’s shoulder and reassured him that he started to relax again and stopped thinking about whether it was possible to reorganise everything when there was less than an hour left to the party.

“It looks great Jun. I think the staff needs to be spoiled a bit as well after all they have done for us.” Nino couldn’t help but to smile at their Leader. Ohno didn’t speak of his opinion much, but when he did, it always did its magic.

That’s his Oh-chan.
Dec. 16th, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)
Tamamori never really begged, but when he did, it always did its magic. Usually it was the opposite. Miyata would be coming to him to ask him for something or a favor (which Tamamori would eventually give into after giving Miyata a hard time). So when Tamamori asked Miyata to stay over that night and the next since his parents would be out of town for the weekend, he was surprised when Miyata declined. Not even his unfailing begging worked.

Here's a link since it was too many characters to post on one comment...
Dec. 7th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
Oops 8D;; my drabble was too long for one comment and I was hesitant to mess up the hierarchy of comments since that's important in this challenge, so I posted it on my journal instead. But here's the bit with the connecting phrase:

"So why did you call me?" Kitayama asks, "It's far too late for this to be a dinner invite... or anything, really."

"Except booty call," blurts Yamashita before he realizes it, and then he clamps his lips shut in embarrassment as Kitayama cracks up on the other end of the line.

"Is that the lasting influence of Jin-kun?" he says when he's done laughing, a little breathless. "Or was that a Freudian slip?"

"Whatever," Yamashita mutters, laughing a little himself. "What are you doing awake? I know I didn't wake you up because waking you up is impossible."

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Dec. 9th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
"It's far too late for this to be a dinner invite... or anything, really." Uchi laughed at that. Trust Kame to say something like that as soon as he answered the phone.

“It’s only 1am, surely Kamenashi Kazuya can do with a meal now.” Uchi couldn’t help but to tease the other a bit.

“True, but only if it’s first class sushi.”

“So spoiled.”

“Jealous much?” Uchi laughed again, he could just hear Kame’s grin through the phone line.

“Yes. So you are going to treat me to a beer tonight.”


“Yeap, you’ve finished for the night right?” Kame raised his eyebrow a bit in surprise to know that Uchi had remembered that he had GoSpo tonight. The other must had timed it so that he was just about to leave the studio before calling.

It’d be good to catch up with Uchi again and Kame didn’t have work the next morning so he went for the obvious answer.

“Alright, but only if you take the next round Uchi-kun.”
Jan. 3rd, 2013 01:00 am (UTC)
"What are you doing awake?" Yamashita asked, getting onto the bus shuttling a bunch of people from Tokyo Dome to the studio for the CDTV live broadcast. "I'd have expected you to rest. The night's going to be long."

Kitayama smiled and looked at the rest of his group, all of them asleep in the seats around him. "Getting there. I just wanted to make sure they were all okay first."

A wistful smile tugged on Yamashita's lips. Being by himself was different from being in a group.

He looked out of the window of the bus just to catch a glimpse of a familiar figure walking past, to a different van. Sometimes he missed Koyama and his mother-hen attitude. But he knew he couldn't go back to that again.

"Get settled down, too? If you stay awake I won't be able to sleep," Kitayama stuck out his tongue a little. "Come on."

Yamashita blinked at that.

"There's always somebody there to watch your back," Kitayama stated. "We're not alone. You're not alone."
Jan. 4th, 2013 10:37 am (UTC)
(Just to be clear, this is supposing Kisumai goes on Pi's new show 8D/)

It had been hurry up and wait all day, as the lighting and camera crew worked out the kinks on a still new set, but although Kis-My-Ft2 were his kouhai and therefore not entitled to complain (and in fact were accustomed to this sort of thing anyway), Yamashita couldn't help but be embarrassed; he didn't have much experience in the variety circuit of the industry, and felt horribly useless. He tried to sound like he knew what he was talking about as he handed out drinks from the vending machine and told them that it wouldn't be long until they could go back on set.

"Oh, it'll take longer than that," Kitayama said, as an intern rushed past with a box full of light bulbs. "We should probably all take this chance to get some stuff done."

Apparently Kisumai didn't even need him to say so, because already Fujigaya was warming up his voice, Tamamori was pulling out a drama script (Yamashita could recognize that in barely a glance), and the others were digging sundry items out of their bags to occupy themselves with.

"...I guess it'll be a while," Yamashita said belatedly, in a sheepish voice.

Kitayama smiled and looked at the rest of his group, already settled into the most comfortable corners of their green room, before nudging Yamashita out the door with one shoulder. "There's a conbini just around the corner of this building, come with me. We'll have just about enough time to get back with snacks before Senga starts begging everyone for food."

For a moment, Yamashita worried about being allowed out, but Kitayama had a glib tongue and an ingratiating personality, and it didn't take more than a casual salute to the security guard at the studio doors before they'd successfully managed to slip out.

"A little scared of freedom?" Kitayama asked, with a penetrating glance at him and a teasing smile.

"Scared of you leading me astray is more like it," retorted Yamashita. For good measure, he gave Kitayama a gentle shove on the shoulder, which Kitayama returned almost instantly. Goofing off was easy to do with Kitayama's assurance and easy laughter to take him back to their high school years, when being friends and equals had come before any senpai/kouhai considerations at work. By the time they arrived at the conbini, they were both flushed with laughter and trading friendly insults.
Dec. 9th, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
“Uh…surprise?” Surprise it was indeed. Ninomiya Kazunari hadn’t expected to see the other man until next week when they would be filming one of their TV shows together.

“Oh-chan, what are you doing here?” The owner of the apartment stepped to the side though to let the older one in.

“Filming finished early. Thought I’d drop by.” The answer made Nino smiled a bit though he was trying hard not to show it.

“Aww… Leader misses me.” Ohno Satoshi stopped midway as if to contemplate for an answer then he turned to look at Nino before nodding.

The sincere look in Ohno’s eye told Nino that he wasn’t lying. That was enough to wipe the cheeky grin away and replaced it with a light, but happy, smile.

And a quiet "Baka".

It's been so long since I've written anything but I'm so glad I've checked this. I've missed writing.
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