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New Challenge: Drabble Tree!

So we're going to try something new and exciting this week: drabble tree!

This was a suggestion we received from kiayro, and we thought it sounded interesting. Full rules are below, but basically you start with one drabble, and then other people reply with another drabble that reuses a word/phrase/sentence from the first one, and then they start branching out. Like a tree!

Rules (rules taken and slightly modified from here)

1. JE characters. Any band/time period is welcome. Feel free to venture into the future!

2. Any pairing, slash or gen or whatever all welcome. If it's super explicit (R/NC-17), warn in bold at the start of your drabble.

3. I keep saying drabble, but it doesn't have to be 100 words. If you run long, that's a-okay with me.

4. Your drabble must be posted as a comment to this entry.

5. Include a word, phrase or sentence from a previous drabble in the tree. Bold the reused bit in your drabble. It doesn't have to have the same characters or tone or anything else, just to reuse at least one word.

6. You can branch off from on any drabble in the tree. Just reply directly to the drabble you're going from.

7. Write as many drabbles as you want.

8. Drabbles only, please. No comments. Show your appreciation by jumping off someone else's drabble. If you have any questions, you can ask either kira_shadow or myself via direct message, or at either of our LJs (I'm also available on AIM/YM as mousapelli).

9. The Drabble Tree will run for a week or two; if there's enough interest, we'll keep it running longer. Feel free post your drabbles to your own LJ and/or archive them, but pimp out the drabble tree and encourage others to play too! Everybody is welcome, even first time writers!

10. Have fun! :D

If there's a lot of interest we might considering doing this semi-regularly, or at least a couple times a year.

So here's mine to get you started:

It'll be a disaster, Kame wants to shout at them, a disaster! He can't stand that they're all sitting there so calmly in this meeting, when all he wants to do is stand up and shout, to be entirely unreasonable for once.

He won't do it. Jin would, but then again that's why they're even having a meeting in the first place. Why from now on, Kame will be the K and the A. The staff keeps saying all these other things, about new opportunities and growth and foreign markets, but Kame thinks that's always been the reason, deep down.

After the staff leaves, giving them a few minutes alone, the five of them sit around the conference table, exchanging looks. There's a lot of different emotions going around, but surprise isn't one of them.

"Nobody wants to fight about it? To keep him?" Kame asks, but it's not really a question. It's not even that he wants to himself, or thinks it would do any good, it's just that he feels like, after all of this, he should want to fight.

"It's best this way," Nakamaru says when everyone else is silent, diplomatic. "For him too. It's been like this before, ne."

"Being a grown-up sucks sometimes," Junno complains, setting his chin down on top of his crossed arms on the table. Koki punches his shoulder, but it's for comfort.

They all fall silent again.

"I'm glad," Ueda says abruptly, voice sounding too loud. Kame swallows a wince, but then Ueda continues. "Because things will change. So maybe after this, I can be friends with Jin, a real one. We all could. I'm calling him," Ueda pulls out his phone, doing it right then and there, "and I'm going to tell him good luck, and mean it."

Kame thinks he'll maybe settle for a mail, but he'll do his best to mean it too.


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Apr. 6th, 2012 08:26 pm (UTC)
It'll be a disaster

Yokoo frowned unhappily at the outline of the photoshoot. It'll be a disaster. He could already tell.

In one corner, Nikaido and Senga were fooling around, as usual. But this time there was cake involved. It was March after all, birthday month of both Senga and Tamamori. Speaking of Tamamori, there was of course also cake where Miyata and Tamamori were sitting. And by some kind of miracle (or just Miyata) some whipped cream from the cake had made it onto Tamamori's nose.

The photographers loved it. The staff loved it...

His eyes wandered over to the actual set. Fujigaya looked like he was hating it with every fibre of his body because, well, seeing that Yokoo was obviously not up close and next to him for this shoot again, there was only one person left in the group.

"Kitayama, get closer to Fujigaya. You know, CLOSER! Fujigaya, stop backing away!"

Ah, he had to correct himself. It would not be a disaster, it already was. But somehow his group and disasters had a way of mixing pretty well with each other. As strange as that sounded.
Apr. 6th, 2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Ordinarily, Yara knew, it was pretty easy to scrounge food off Yamamoto. It wasn't that he took advantage, exactly; rather that Yamamoto was always so happy - so eager - to share, that by letting Yamamoto make him happy Yara was basically contributing to Yamamoto's own happiness. It was a win-win situation.

But this time, there was cake involved.

It was Yamamoto's favourite food group, pretty much. As they sat together during a filming break for Premium Yamamoto pulled out a cardboard box from the plastic carrier bag he'd brought along, and Yara's stomach began to send hungry signals to his brain in anticipation. Yamamoto was really, really good at picking delicious cake. Really, really good. Yara watched as Yamamoto tugged the box open before reaching into the plastic carrier once more, drawing out a fork encased in clear cellophane. Yara waited to be noticed. Any moment now.


The plastic fork plunged in among the fruit, sinking through the sponge and frosting before being lifted, spared only a cursory glance, and disappearing into Yamamoto's waiting mouth.

"UmmmmmmmmmmMAI!" Yamamoto groaned, eyes fluttering shut as he stuffed his bliss-covered face. "Wahhh. This is soooo good."

Yara kept quiet, hopeful. He dug his phone out of his bag and scrolled through his inbox. He pulled out his headphones and untangled the cord before putting them away again. He looked at his fingernails. He looked at the clock on the wall. He looked at his cellphone again. He tapped his foot on the floor and glanced around the room. He waited.

"Yaracchi, you're acting weird. Like…" Takahashi looked across at him, searching for the right words. "Like a dog that needs letting outside for a run, or something."

"I'm fine," Yara said, shoving a grin onto his face and taking a swig from his water bottle. "I'm fine."

And then, he caved.

"That cake looks nice, Ryota," he said. Takahashi sniggered but kept his gaze down at his cellphone. "Is it at nice as it looks?"

"Mm," Yamamoto nodded, licking cream off his finger. "Really, really nice. The best I've ever had, probably."

"Is that so," Yara said.

Takahashi snorted. "I think Yaracchi hopes you might offer him some," he said, failing to keep a straight face as he tucked his cellphone back into his bag.

Yamamoto's face contorted with guilt. "Ahh, I'm so sorry!" His eyes widened, looking over to Yara in a state of panic. "I… I didn't realise…!" He looked down at the box, then back up again, a helpless giggle spilling from his lips. "It… I just finished it…"

Yara slumped.

"Oh," he said.
Apr. 6th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
(more from cyberpunk au)

"Kento, you come with me," Kitayama orders. "The rest of you, stay here and don't cause trouble." He looks pointedly at Nikaido, who scowls but (after yesterday's fiasco) doesn't try to argue back.

Senga frantically shoves bread and meat into his mouth, trying to at least get through what's on his plate in the few seconds it takes for Kitayama to pull on his black fingerless gloves and check that his shuriken are in their usual pockets. He picks up Yokoo's cobra too, one of their usual staples for reconnoitering missions these days, and then surprisingly changes his mind and tucks about a million knives through the loops in his belt instead. Kitayama's always been a throwing weapons kind of guy.

Senga's own sabers are hanging off the back of his chair from leather thongs, and as he gets up he pulls them over and across his head in a familiar movement, settling them in an X across his back.

"Hurry up," Kitayama growls, holding the door open impatiently for Senga.

It's unusual, this gruffness. Kitayama isn't usually on edge like this.

Senga trails behind Kitayama a little as they head into the darkness, looking at Kitayama through narrowed, assessing eyes. Something is going on tonight. Kitayama keeps fingering the different blades tucked in his belt, like he's memorizing where they are; and he's walking quickly, too quickly for actual reconnaissance.

"Ne, Mitsu," he starts to whisper.

Kitayama turns around, with a strange twitch of his arm, and it takes Senga a long moment to realize what that means because his brain is more focused on trying to think how to ask Kitayama what's wrong. But slowly he starts to feel the heat of pain creeping through his nerves, starting at his side, and when he looks down he sees the hilt of one of Kitayama's knives sticking out of his side like a—a hallucination. A bad dream. No.

"Mitsu," he whispers again, only this time his voice is sharp with shock.

Kitayama catches him before his legs crumple under him, and helps to ease Senga down to the ground. He reaches into his pocket for something and holds it to Senga's lips. Senga's eyes widen and he twitches his head away for a moment, before he realizes that it's a cream pellet, an adrenaline enhancer. It'll keep him alive.

As the cream melts on his tongue, Senga's body jolts, the sudden rush of adrenaline making his muscles seize up momentarily. In a moment, he'll have the strength to drag himself back to their base.

In the meantime, he's helpless to do anything but watch as Kitayama rushes away, his small and agile form blending adeptly with the dark night. The last thing Senga sees is Kitayama licking the cream off his finger, spiking his own adrenaline levels for whatever stupidly noble scheme he has planned.

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Apr. 6th, 2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
stop backing away

"Stop backing away!"

The dark figure advanced even closer, arm raised threateningly. The glint of metal in his attacker's hand seemed to taunt Fujigaya's very being, and he swallowed hard against the lump in his throat.

"Yes, yes, that's it, come closer now," the voice continued, this time in a soft sing-song that barely concealed the evil laced through every syllable.

No, no, this couldn't be happening...

Fujigaya looked around wildly, his heart pounding. There was no escape, he was done for, and goddamnit where were his friends when he needed them?

Slick.... Slick... Slick...

His attacker smiled a vicious grin, opening and closing the abnormally huge pair of scissors with every step. Each smooth slick sent chills down Fujigaya's spine and oh god -

"Fujigaya? Fujigaya-san? Are you okay? Can I start now?"

Fujigaya blinked back to reality. He studied his frozen expression in the mirror for a moment, then glanced up to meet the concerned gaze of his hairdresser.

"Oh yes, yes," he replied distractedly.

Fujigaya shut his eyes firmly. He would do anything for the sake of Kis-My-Ft2, anything. Even if that meant cutting off his bangs for a drama role.

Edited at 2012-04-06 09:51 pm (UTC)
Apr. 7th, 2012 06:08 pm (UTC)
Senga bounced on his toes, waiting for the train to hurry up and get to the station already. He was getting weird looks from some of the other riders, but then again he wasn't dancing accidentally at least. He was just excited, excited to get to work, to finalize plans for their tour, to start planning himself because he was in charge of dance, just him!

Just the thought was enough to get him to all but run across the platform and up the stairs, and if a few cars honked angrily at him as he flitted across the street, whatever.

"Be careful, dammit!"

Strong hands grabbed Senga by the shoulder, halting his flight, and Senga blinked at Kitayama up close and next to him, who was scowling at him angrily. "Aah, sorry--"

"What if you get squished by a bus, who will do our dance then?!" Kitayama demanded, giving Senga a firm shake. He wasn't so much angry as worried, Senga could see, and Senga felt immediately contrite.

"Sorry, I'll be more careful," Senga promised earnestly, then added, "Leader."

"Oi, quit that," Kitayama grumbled, letting go of Senga. "Just watch it, brat."

Leader was really cute to worry, Senga thought, and in thanks he leaned up to kiss Kitayama's cheek, just a quick brush of lips before he darted away and into the building, giggling at Kitayama shouting behind him not in public, dammit!!

Edited at 2012-04-09 03:07 am (UTC)
Apr. 10th, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
pt 1

As he awoke from his drugged sleep, Chino Aoi tried to remember who had given him the key, but his memories of the days following the surgery were extremely foggy. He absentmindedly fingered the stitches on his forehead while trying to decide what to do. Naturally his first thought went towards what exactly did the key unlock? Considering he was locked in a room, it made sense that the key might unlock the door, right? In that case, he could simply unlock the door and finally run away from this place; but there were so many things that could go wrong with that. There were no cameras visible, but that didn’t mean that nobody was watching him. Or what if someone was waiting just outside the door to stop him? It was highly likely that this was just another experiment and someone from the institution had given him the key to see what he would do with it. His first attempt to escape from the institution had resulted in a week of class-k product testings as punishment. They couldn’t use normal people to test potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals on, so most companies discreetly sent samples to be tested at facilities such as this one. The public knew of this, naturally, but there wasn’t much disapproval. After all, Dr. Moozek’s pseudo android creations were considered dangerous to the public. Who knew when they would suddenly snap and go on a killing rampage? Not that it had ever actually happened, but the fear was there nonetheless.
Chino was still weighing his options when he heard a two muffled clunks come from outside the room. It was quickly followed by the metallic clink of a door being unlocked. Chino jumped to his feet, mentally preparing himself for the worst. His previous surgery had been followed by three long weeks of experiments and although the android parts of his body couldn’t feel pain, there will still plenty of parts that could. He nearly cried out with surprise when the door opened and Yodogawa poked his head in. Chino could see two sentries knocked just outside the door. “Come on, we have to go!” Yodogawa said, grabbing the small boy by the wrist and yanking him out the door. As the two sprinted down the long corridor, alarms started blaring all around them. Chino had no idea what was going on, but he wasn’t about to ask questions at a time like this.
Yodogawa broke open a window and pushed Chino out onto the fire escape. “GO!” he shouted, motioning for Chino to go down the stairs. Yodogawa grabbed the gun off of his belt and shot twice at the sentry that had started to run after them. The sentry was lucky that they were only stun pellets. Yodogawa turned and followed Chino out the window. They had eight flights of stairs left until the jump to the ground. Thankfully the surgery wing of the institution had significantly less security than the dorm wings or else the two of them would have been mobbed by sentries by now. Chino noticed that Yodogawa was behind him again, “What’s going on?” Chino asked through labored breath. Yodogawa took a few seconds before replying.
“That key you were given, that’s the key to one of the gates of the fence.” Chino’s eyes widened. The fence and a small forest were the only things that separated the buildings of the institution from the rest of the world. If one could get past the fence, freedom was almost guaranteed. Yodogawa continued, “But more importantly, you have the codes to the security system of the entire institution in your system.” Before he could open his mouth to ask what on earth Yodogawa was talking about, a group of sentries jumped out from the window of the third floor and made to grab at Chino. Yodogawa swiftly pushed Chino out of the way before delivering a hard blow to one of their necks. “Keep going!” he shouted, gesticulating frantically for Chino to move.
Apr. 10th, 2012 10:27 pm (UTC)
pt 2

Chino was going to ask where Yodogawa had learned how to knock out a sentry so quickly, but then he remembered that he had once shared a dorm floor with Takizawa before he had escaped. As Yodogawa grappled with the group of sentries from the third floor, a new wave of them started running up the stairs from the window of the first floor. Chino turned to run back up as they started to shoot. Effectively using the body of one of the other sentries as a shield, Yodogawa ran towards the sentries and pushed the limp body on top of them. It didn’t stop them for very long, but it was long enough for Yodogawa to exhaust his magazine of stun pellets and grab a refill from his belt. “We’re almost there” Yodogawa said, more to himself than anything else. Upon reaching the final flight, Yodogawa grabbed Chino and leapt over the railing with him. The fall had them immobile for a few moments, but their enhanced bodies quickly recovered. Yodogawa had just gotten to his feet when Chino asked “Wait, how do you know someone gave me a key? And what do you mean about codes?”
“Takizawa has a guy on the inside; a doctor.” Yodogawa explained as he looked up at the fire escape and got his gun ready again. “You were the only one going for surgery this week, so the doctor implanted the codes in a chip in your arm and then gave the key to you.” Chino nodded, although he had understood nothing, but decided that it would be better to just be quiet right now.
“Okay, let’s go,” Yodogawa took Chino by the arm again and started to sprint across the long lawn that led to the fence. Chino could make out a group of huddled bodies waiting just outside the fence.
“Wait!” Chino yelled, stopping suddenly.
“What’re you doing? Come on!” Yodogawa yanked on Chino’s arm.
“I can’t leave without Ren.”
“Wha— Chino are you kidding me?! You’re going to help save him by getting those codes to Takizawa.”
“No I can’t! I promised I’d never leave without him.” Chino insisted, turning around and starting to run back towards the institution.”
You’re being a selfish idiot!” Yodogawa exclaimed, picking Chino up and starting to run back towards the fence with him. Chino bit Yodogawa’s arm, causing him to drop the boy. As Chino started to run back, he felt a sharp sting in his neck; he recognized it as the sting of a stun pellet. It seemed that one of the sentries had managed to shoot him. With his body, it would take around two minutes to kick in. That should be enough time to run to the dorm building, right?
Yodogawa grabbed Chino again, “You’re going the wrong way!”
“I’m not leaving without Ren!” Chino insisted, struggling to get out of Yodogawa’s grip. “He’s the only friend I have, I can’t leave him here!” Yodogawa took a good look at Chino’s panicked face before releasing him.
“You go to Takizawa, he needs those codes. I’ll go get Ren.”
Chino nodded enthusiastically before turning and running towards the gate. As he got closer and closer, he could see that the huddled bodies were the A.B.C-Z unit and Takizawa himself, some of the only ones to ever escape from the institution. Chino took the key out of his pocket and tried to fit it into the lock. His vision was already going fuzzy with the stun pellet. He was getting so lethargic that he wasn’t even excited at his freedom when the gate finally opened and the group pulled him through.
“Where’s Yodi?” Tsukada asked Chino confusedly. Chino looked back towards the institution in time to see Yodogawa wave sadly at the group before he darted away and into the building. Chino’s last thought before blacking out was that Ren wasn’t coming. Yodogawa had just sacrificed his own freedom to trick Chino into getting the codes to Takizawa. He’d probably never see him again.
Apr. 6th, 2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
"Being a grown-up sucks sometimes," Fujigaya says, with a heavy sigh and his chin propped up on one hand.

Across the table, Marius looks up from his parfait and cocks his head like a curious robin, though the look in his eyes hints more at utter bafflement rather than the polite interest he's obviously trying for.

"That's right," continues Fujigaya, "Adults have lots of problems, you know. There's bills and responsibilities and duties to worry about, decisions to make..."

He pauses, purses his lips, and looks contemplatively down at his coffee. He shouldn't be saying all this to Marius, at all, but the others... well.

"Decisions, Fujigaya-kun?" Marius asks, making a brave attempt to carry on the conversation. "Like what to have for dinner and stuff?"

"Mm, well," Fujigaya's smile is amused but gentle, "There is that. But other things too, like how much solo work is okay to take on, or what sort of image to project, or whether or not to confess."

"Like, a love confession?" Marius' wrinkled nose expresses very clearly what he thinks of love.

This time, Fujigaya laughs out loud, then reaches out to ruffle Marius' hair. "Don't worry Mari-chan, you won't have to think about love for a long time yet."

"Oi, 11 year olds don't need to know about love," Tamamori says out of nowhere, sliding into the booth next to Fujigaya. He must be on break from his drama shoot or something, because the shirt he's wearing totally doesn't match his jacket and he smells rather like cigarettes.

"I'm 12!" Marius pouts, just as Fujigaya exclaims, "He's 12 now, you know!"

"Sorry, sorry!" says Tamamori, easy laughter lighting up his face. He steals a sip of Fujigaya's coffee and then makes a face. "Ugh, put some sugar in it or something!"

"I like my coffee black," retorts Fujigaya, "besides, I didn't order it for you, you freeloader." But he makes no move to take his coffee back from Tamamori. Instead, he grabs two packets of sweetener from the dish at the end of the table and flicks them towards Tamamori, who in turn winks mischievously at Marius.

Marius tilts his head again, this time alertly watching the way Fujigaya can't seem to stop touching Tamamori, and the way Fujigaya keeps looking at Tamamori out of the corner of his eye when the younger man is looking away, and the way Fujigaya is suddenly way more perky than he was just a moment ago.

Suddenly, Marius stands up. "Thank you for the parfait, Fujigaya-kun!" he says. "I should get back to practice or Kento-kun might get mad at me. I hope you make your confe—I mean, decision, soon!"

He blushes a little at his almost-slip as he bows to his senpais, but he doesn't hear any untoward questions from Tamamori-kun as he walks away, so he takes a deep breath in relief.

(What Marius doesn't see is the speculative gleam in Tamamori's eyes as he turns to look at Fujigaya, and the way Fujigaya blushes, trying desperately to find something to look at that isn't Tamamori's face.)

Edited at 2012-04-06 10:08 pm (UTC)
Apr. 7th, 2012 12:55 am (UTC)
"…And, just, I don't know what to do." Eda finishes lamely, looking down past the end of his nose to where the edge of his sleeve is fraying. He shouldn't be saying all this to Koshioka, he knows, not when he is a year older than Eda anyway and has been in the jimusho three years longer and neither of them are in any real position of security. "I'm sorry," he blurts out, twisting his fingers in the thin, grey material. "It's just, the Yu-chans have always been good older brothers to me, and Kosshi is…"

"I understand," Koshioka says, and when Eda looks up he sees a thin smile on his friend's pale face. "It's something we've all thought about, isn't it? Not just us, but Machida-kun, Yone-san, Yara-san…" Koshioka picks at the label on his bottle of fruit juice, brow crinkling in thought. "Most of the ones in the spotlight right now even thought about it at some point." He peels the label off altogether and turns it over in his fingers, folding it up smaller and smaller each time. "I had a conversation like this with my dad not too long ago," he says, looking up and giving Eda a small smile. "I understand where you're coming from."

"What did he say?" Eda asks, leaning forward slightly. "He doesn't want you to go work for his company, right?" There's a strained edge to his voice, he knows, and he shuts up to calm down.

"No!" Koshioka's eyes widen for a second, and he shakes his head. "No," he says, more calm. "I asked him that, though. Like, if he wanted me to go into business, as his only son, and all." Koshioka looks up, meets Eda's gaze, and continues, "But, he doesn't want that. It wouldn't be fair to the people who have worked for him for so long, he said, if I suddenly quit being a dancer and joined the board just like that." He pauses to take a gulp of his fruit juice, then looks at Eda again. "Sorry, I'm getting derailed," he grins, self-deprecating. "But I guess, in the end, it's a decision only you can make, isn't it. Yukkun, Take-chan, all of the others, they picked one path, right? But then," Koshioka breathes in, then exhales in a long sigh. "But then… Don't give up, Eda-chan." There's a pause, and a bubble of emotion swelling up and threatening to burst between them. Eda looks down again, at the way the grey thread unravelling from his sweater contrasts with the dark material of his pants.

"I guess," he manages, finally, once the lump in his throat has lessened. "The four of you need the four of us as rivals after all, right? Tsubasa's boys versus Yaracchi's crew?"

"Right." Koshioka's eyes are turning pink, but he blinks hard and grins and Eda says nothing. "TheyBudou needs to have four members to even stand a chance against us, after all."

Eda scoffs, finally breaking into a smile. "Yeah, you wish."
Apr. 7th, 2012 02:04 pm (UTC)
Technically speaking, he's had a long time to think things through. And yet Abe is standing in the doorway, worrying his lower lip nervously. Why couldn't life be as logic as math problems?

"Abecchi? What's wrong? What are you standing here for?" Sakuma came around the corner. "Who's inside that room?"

Abe sighed softly. "I'm having a Shakespeare moment."

"Huh?" question marks started to pop up above Sakuma's head, almost visibly so. "A what?"

"Okay well not Shakespeare but Hamlet but...same thing," Abe muttered.

"Oi, don't throw stuff like that at Sakkun. You know he doesn't take it very well," Watanabe snorted and nudged Sakuma in the side. "Let him be, Sakkun. Abecchi's contemplating whether or not to confess to Fukka."

All the question marks popped and a big exclamation mark seemed to replaced them. "Oh!" Sakuma nodded in understanding. Then he smiled at Abe. "Don't worry about it! Just do it! I'm sure Fukka's been waiting." His smile turned gentle. "We all missed you but I think he missed you a lot more than most of us. Even though he said other people were his favorite people and all."

Watanabe gave the other a thumbs up as well. "Yep. Go for it, Abecchi!"

Abe gave his friends a smile in return. "Thanks guys."

So when Watanabe dragged Sakuma off again, Abe took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob again but before he could open it, the door already swung inwards and Fukazawa appeared in the door-frame.

"How long did you plan on standing here? How long did you plan on letting me wait, Ryohei?" the older male asked. His tone wasn't reprimanding or mad or anything but gentle.

Swallowing hard, Abe tried to reply, "I...I was just-"

He didn't get to say anything else again because Fukazawa had leaned forward to kiss him.
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