orangegreenlove (orangegreenlove) wrote in je100,

"Oh, Doctor~"

Title: "Oh, Doctor~"
Unit for Points: ABC-Z
Word Count:100
Characters/Pairings: Goseki/Kawai
Author's Notes: Porn, roleplay

Kawai took a hold of Goseki's ankles, lifting them up until they rested on his shoulders. He trailed his hands slowly up Goseki's white-stockinged legs to take a hold of his hips again.

Goseki giggled, covering his mouth with his hand. "Oh, doctor~"

The giggle was incredibly fake, as was the bashful way Goseki fluttered his eyelids at Kawai, but Kawai didn't mind at all. He picked up speed again, fucking Goseki faster.

"Ah~" Goseki moaned, "ah~"

Kawai knew Goseki well enough to not mind the artifical porn moans, well able to detect the real enjoyment underneath the game.

Tags: challenge: under the weather, unit: a.b.c.-z
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