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Halloween Challenge: Trick or Drabble

We've been a little inactive lately because stuff happened but we're back now with our annual

Halloween: Trick or Drabble Challenge!!

step one: people who want to will set up "houses" by commenting on this Trick or Drabble post with their usernames.

You have the option of creating a candy bowl with options of candy that people can select from. For example, if I were to set up a candy bowl, I would do it in the following way:
kira_shadow's: candy bowl:
-Assorted Kanju
-Assorted Juniors
-... etc

You don't need one of those, though, if you're willing to write whatever, just say so.

If you have a limited time, say so up front (i.e. "I can only give out 10 drabbles!) because we would rather you participate a little rather than not at all. But we'll leave this go for 2 weeks so people have plenty of time. Even if you've never written for us before, that's okay! This is a party! everybody is welcome to try.

step two: members request a drabble simply by commenting on the user they want with "Trick or Drabble!"

If the user has a candy bowl you can request something from it! If you want something specific that they didn't list, or if the user doesn't have a candy bowl, by all means ask for it, but the Treater is under no obligation to fill your request! You can also ask to be surprised! You don't need to know the person to comment on their "house" and you can comment to as many or as few houses as you feel comfortable!

step three: the original commenter will reply with a treat!

I'm suspending the usual 100-word rule for this challenge. You can give out tootsie rolls (sentence fics) or king-sized candy bars(longer drabbles), so that anybody who wants to can play. This is just a fun way for us to participate as a community. Of course if you want to write 100 words, go right for it!

And if you're up for it, make your candy Halloween flavored! But if you'd rather not, don't feel bound by it. You can decide how much/little you want to get into it!

Thanks to moonspoken for letting us borrow her idea, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask. Pimp it out so we get as many people playing as possible for the next two weeks!


Oct. 16th, 2012 08:22 pm (UTC)
It's only when Tsukada brushes his hand away and ties his shoelaces for him that Totsuka realizes he's been sitting there with only one shoe on for the past five minutes.

“Even Hasshi can tie his own shoes most days,” Tsukada comments.

Totsuka knows that. He's the one who taught Hashimoto after all, and he's the one who has to keep re-teaching him when Hashimoto seems to forget how to tie his shoes, despite Goseki's comments about Hashimoto just wanting him on his knees.

Totsuka is a bit jealous of the way Tsukada is still buzzing with energy – he himself always deflates like a popped balloon after the last show until the next bit of work fills him up again.

Tsukada shakes his head at him and grabs Totsuka's ankle, stuffing his foot into his shoe, and suddenly there's a Hashimoto all over them. “Ohh, let me, let me~ I want to tie Tottsu's shoe!”

Totsuka and Tsukada share a glance – they both know better, but so much enthusiasm is hard to resist. Besides, Hashimoto on his knees is always worth looking at.

Hashimoto bites his lip, concentrating hard.

Ten minutes later, Totsuka's shoelaces almost resemble a work of art, the amount of knots and twists truly impressive. Hashimoto tilts his head questioningly, “That's... not right,” he thinks out loud. The tip of his tongue appears between his lips, announcing his 'I'm concentrating even harder now!' face.

Bad moods are helpless against Hashimoto. Totsuka shares a smile with Tsukada – he's got a spare shoelace in his bag if necessary and is quite willing to let Hashimoto play as long as he wants.
Oct. 16th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
Awww, so cute! thank you! Lol Hasshi's faces are the best ever, who could win against them XD
Oct. 19th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure Hasshi does that on purpose to let other people admire him while he's on his knees. XD


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