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Halloween Challenge: Trick or Drabble

We've been a little inactive lately because stuff happened but we're back now with our annual

Halloween: Trick or Drabble Challenge!!

step one: people who want to will set up "houses" by commenting on this Trick or Drabble post with their usernames.

You have the option of creating a candy bowl with options of candy that people can select from. For example, if I were to set up a candy bowl, I would do it in the following way:
kira_shadow's: candy bowl:
-Assorted Kanju
-Assorted Juniors
-... etc

You don't need one of those, though, if you're willing to write whatever, just say so.

If you have a limited time, say so up front (i.e. "I can only give out 10 drabbles!) because we would rather you participate a little rather than not at all. But we'll leave this go for 2 weeks so people have plenty of time. Even if you've never written for us before, that's okay! This is a party! everybody is welcome to try.

step two: members request a drabble simply by commenting on the user they want with "Trick or Drabble!"

If the user has a candy bowl you can request something from it! If you want something specific that they didn't list, or if the user doesn't have a candy bowl, by all means ask for it, but the Treater is under no obligation to fill your request! You can also ask to be surprised! You don't need to know the person to comment on their "house" and you can comment to as many or as few houses as you feel comfortable!

step three: the original commenter will reply with a treat!

I'm suspending the usual 100-word rule for this challenge. You can give out tootsie rolls (sentence fics) or king-sized candy bars(longer drabbles), so that anybody who wants to can play. This is just a fun way for us to participate as a community. Of course if you want to write 100 words, go right for it!

And if you're up for it, make your candy Halloween flavored! But if you'd rather not, don't feel bound by it. You can decide how much/little you want to get into it!

Thanks to moonspoken for letting us borrow her idea, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask. Pimp it out so we get as many people playing as possible for the next two weeks!


Oct. 30th, 2012 06:41 am (UTC)
Title: A Not-So-Drunken Confession
Pairings: Aiba/Jun
Rating: PG
Summary: Confessions are so much easier when alcohol is involved.
Notes: I’ll be honest. I’ve never written anything Arashi before (even though they were my gateway drug to JE and thus to Kisumai), so I wanted to challenge myself. I hope this came out okay! And Aiba's always smiling! I do like his smile... <3

Aiba ordered another virgin margarita, switching over from the real stuff once he saw how the others seemed to forget how much alcohol they had consumed. He didn’t mind being the responsible one tonight. He wanted to make sure Matsumoto got home in one piece with all of his belongings this time.

“Misaki-chan~” a voice drew his attention away from his drink. Matsumoto stood next to him with his crooked smile and a glass still half-full.

Aiba smiled back. “Is that your last drink?” he questions.

Matsumoto grins and shakes his head. “Nope! Not until you tell me.”

Aiba gives him a confused look and takes a sip of his own beverage. “Tell you what?”

The other leans in close enough that Aiba can feel his breath on his head. “You only tell me you like me when I’m drunk.”

Aiba’s eyes widened and he felt a blush spread across his face. “I-I do not!” he protested.

Matsumoto laughed, well, almost a giggle due to the amount of alcohol in his system. “Well, usually you’re drunk, too~ so, you should keep drinking so you can tell me again.” He looked at the glass still in Aiba’s hands.

He didn’t know the last three drinks Aiba had contained no alcohol. With a smile, he finishes the margarita in one gulp and looks up at Matsumoto from his barstool. “I like you, Jun-kun.” Matsumoto grabs his hands and pulls Aiba off his seat. “What?” Matsumoto just tosses a couple bills on the bar and calls to the others that they are leaving as he pulls Aiba along. “Where are we going, Jun-kun?”

“Shh!” Not sober enough to think to wait for a taxi, he pulls Aiba to the train station. Aiba notices Matsumoto looking through his pockets for his wallet again and pulls out his train pass. “Yours, too.”

Aiba just nods and follows along. Maybe it would have been better if he drank a little more. He never remembered confessing to Matsumoto, but maybe that was because he was too drunk to remember. However, that means Matsumoto remembered even when he was not drunk. His blush returns, but he doesn’t stop.

Once on the train, Aiba knows their headed for Matsumoto’s apartment and he has yet to let go of his hand since they had sat down. He can’t help but smile. They’re both silent except for Matsumoto’s laments about the upcoming headache in the morning. The older one still lets Matsumoto pull him off the train at the right stop and towards his apartment.

It wasn’t long before Matsumoto’s door closed behind them and he was pushed up to the wall next to it. “Tell me again.”

The demand sent a thrill up Aiba’s back. “I like you.” He offers a small smile and runs a hand through Matsumoto’s hair. “I like you, Jun.”

He feels an answering shiver going through Matsumoto’s body before the other presses his lips hard against his own. “…Misaki…” Matsumoto breathes in-between two kisses.

Aiba wakes up with a glare from the sun shining on his face. He remembers the night before and looks at the bed next to him. Nothing happened. Matsumoto was too drunk for anything more complicated than kisses and a couple gropes. He fell asleep still in his clothes and notices Matsumoto’s not in bed with him but his own cell phone is. He feels a bit of disappointment as he picks up his phone and notices he has a new mail. He was surprised to see it was from Matsumoto. Aiba clicks on it and an uncontrollable smile spreads across his face.

‘I like you, too. And once this damn headache goes away, I’ll show you how much.’

Aiba rolls into a happy little ball on the bed and waits for Matsumoto to come back.
Oct. 30th, 2012 06:47 am (UTC)
Awwww~ Aiba <333 Thank you so much :) I, too, ended up with an uncontrollable smile on my face :D
Oct. 30th, 2012 06:51 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it~! =)
Oct. 30th, 2012 08:52 am (UTC)
I really did, thank you again <3


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