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Challenge 116: Christmas Drabble Tree

Nobody wrote again this week, so I'm trying something else for the next (also, yes, I failed to do this on Friday again, sorry).

NaNo month is over, Holiday Fic exchange is about to be wrapped up in terms of writing as well, so we're getting started with our Christmas/Winter season stuff :D

So, for this week (or the next weeks, you are free to continue this as long as you wish), we're having a drabble tree again! If you forgot how things work, check THIS POST for our last one. All the rules etc. can be found there.

So, I will start the drabble tree this time around:

When Tamamori finally pulls himself together enough to go and greet his senpai, the scene he finds in the “MONSTERS” changing room is not at all what he had expected. It appears that Katori has already gone to his next job – schedule probably packed to the brim as usual (he’s a member of SMAP after all) – but Yamashita is not alone. On top of that, he also seems pretty busy with his companion.

It is more the fact of who Tamamori finds in there with Yamashita that shocks him than the fact that Yamashita is making out with somebody in his changing room. All he can do is stare from where he is still standing in the door.

“Come in or leave, Tama-chan but close the door,” the voice sounds a little breathless, from the kiss no doubt but it does get Tamamori moving – probably out of habit.

When the door clicks shut, Tamamori recovers enough brainpower to blurt out, “You two?”

“Uh…surprise?” Yamashita offers helpfully, making the other male snort softly.

Tamamori blinks at them, “I thought you didn’t…I mean I know you two…but I mean…”

“Oh great, Yamashita. You broke my group-mate.”

“You broke him yourself,” Yamashita retorted.

“He’s YOUR fanboy.”

“And you’re screwing me. Point?”

Kitayama rolled his eyes, “Okay, whatever.” He looked at Tamamori again. “Why is it so surprising? This is entirely casual. It’s always been.”

Tamamori swallowed and muttered quietly, “This is hot.”

Now Yamashita and Kitayama were both raising an eyebrow as they looked at each at each other and then turned to look at Tamamori. Almost at the same time, they offered with twin smirks, “Want to join?”

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