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Week 19: Venus (The Eurobeat Remix)

Huzzah, we finally had a post! The Drama can finally end victoriously!

This week, Ikuta Toma wins with 40 pts! Good job, Toma-chan!

Okay, so things have been a bit lackluster around here because of NaNo, holiday fests, and various other pressures, so we've decided to make this week as wide-open as possible in the interests of regaining a little momentum.

This week's challenge is Do any of the earlier challenges you want. So if you missed one you wanted to do, or just had a favorite, rejoice!~ This week is for you. You guys can write all the ninja pirate aus that you want, this week.

Here's a list of all the challenges we've done so far:
Week 1: Summer
Week 2: Cake
Week 3: Travel
Week 4: Home
Week 5: Air-Conditioning
Week 6: Favorite Restaurant
Week 7: Should Have Locked the Door
Week 8: East vs West
Week 9: Tours
Week 10: Back to School
Week 11: Samurai
Week 12: Pirates
Week 13: Inter-Unit Love
Week 14: Alternate Reality
Week 15: Photoshoot
Week 16: Name that Song (title of your drabble must be the title of a JE song)
Week 17: I Hope That Won't Be On the DVD
Week 18: Drama Characters

This would also be an awesome week to force your friends who haven't played before to start writing, since they can get in on all the fun times they missed! So let's all try to put something up. And since Beth and I fail real hard at this, you can even have until next Wednesday, so that we all have a whole week to try. I'm actually thinking we might want to poll about what day is a good day to start each week anyway. Leave a comment if you have strong feelings?

Sidenote: When you tag your entries, tag the challenge with the original challenge tag. So if I write about samurai this week, I would use the Samurai tag from before. That way all the drabbles stay together, see?

Ganbatte, everyone! Let's get this going again! Any questions go to mousapelli or musikologie.
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