Challenge 112: The Fortune Cookie Game Challenge

Yes, this post is a little early because I won't have internet regularly starting tomorrow. So I'm putting it up before I might be unable to do so for the week. Sorry for that!

The points will be added up at a later point, so I'll update this post then!!

1st Place: ABC-Z and V6 with 100 Points
2nd Place: Natto Lovers Club with 50 Points

AU Week is about to be over and we've seen lots of awesome contributions! :D Yay!

For the next week, we've gotten fun suggestions from members of the community during a discussion about a Fortune Cookie Game. The game works as follows: "Read out your fortune and add 'in bed with a rope' to it."

My fortune happened to be "Behind every man, there is an even better man" so I got "Behind every man, there is an even better man in bed with a rope". You can imagine where things went from there. XD

This then brings us to how the challenge for this week works:

"Take any previous challenge and add 'in bed' behind it"

e.g. "uninvited guests in bed" or "unlucky in bed" or "cake in bed" etc. Pick anything you like (the tag for this challenge is "challenge: -in bed", you should also include the original challenge tag)

Yes, this sounds a bit like "Porn Challenge Light" but humor me. ;)

I hope you like this idea. I will take more suggestions for "game endings" (things to replace "in bed" with next time around), so we might do another round of this.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome and either go into a reply to this post, to mousapelli or directly to me.

Kis-My-Hallyu [x5]

Title: Kis-My-Hallyu
Unit for Points: Natto Lovers' Club
Word Count: 100 x5
Characters: Kisumai
Note(s): If Kisumai were a Kpop group. IDK if this will be funny to anyone but me x_x but notes at the bottom explaining things, I guess. Also, the weird truncation of their names is my (lame) attempt at giving them (lame) Kpop stage names.

Collapse )

Challenge 111: CHANGE UR WORLD

Free Week over! ABC-Z sweeps a win with 30 pts and no competition.

Since we are at the big 111 this week, I thought it was once again time for everybody's favorite: AU week.

Usually this brings out the crazy in all of you people, which is exactly what we want, so let's get going with those AUs, everybody! I want ninjas and I want pirates and outer space and sometimes I even get cowboys, so let your little hearts run wild. This is also an awesome week to flip-flop all your familiar senpai/kouhai relationships, or to make your dream unit up and give them a stupid initial name, and what could be better than that? That practically makes you Johnny-san.

Any questions or comments go to myself or kira_shadow.