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Johnny's Entertainment Fiction in 100 Words

JE100 (Johnny's Entertainment Drabbles)
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Johnny's Entertainment Fic in 100 Words
Welcome to the JE100! Rules copied from hp100, through the generosity of the illustrious florahart.

The basic idea: each week we give you a topic and you write 100 words about it. All fics must be about members, either current or past, of Johnny's Entertainment.

Membership: anybody can join, and anybody can post.

Posting: A new challenge will be posted each Friday, at no set time. You have a week, until the next challenge is posted, to post your drabble. Drabbles must be related to the challenge (however tangentially), and must be no more than 100 words. Only drabbles of exactly 100 words will earn points towards the weekly competition. No other types of posts are allowed besides drabbles. Questions should be sent directly to the mods or left on the challenge post. Anything with R or NC-17 material should be behind an lj-cut and labeled appropriately.

Subject: Title of Drabble. If multiple drabbles are posted, list all titles like One / Two / Three. Untitled drabbles should have Untitled [x#].

Title: Title of drabble again.
Unit for Points: Your unit (self-appointed) -- NEWS, Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, etc. (See note about picking a unit below)
Word Count: Hopefully 100.
Author's Notes: Anything else you have to say, and subject matter warnings.

Body of drabble goes here.


1. Drabbles should be one hundred words in length. If you run over or under the word count, you may still post them, but no unit points will be rewarded.

2. You will only receive points for a response to the current challenge. Previously written drabbles may not be reposted for later challenges if they have already been posted and received points for any challenge within the community. If you missed a challenge and want to post, you can, but you won't get points. Please label clearly what you are doing so the mods can count points correctly.

3. No crossovers. We occasionally have specific challenges for that, but until those come up, stick to JE, please.

4. Original characters are okay, as long as they are not the focus of the drabble.

5. No chaptered or serial drabbles. They can exist in the same "world" or timeframe, but each must be able to stand alone without referring to the others.

6. A particular challenge may have extra guidelines, which will be explained in the post.

7. You may post more than one drabble per challenge. If you're only posting one drabble, you can leave it uncut. If you post more than two at a time, use an lj-cut, leaving the header information out of the cut. If you have multiple entries to post at once, please post them in the same entry, but if you decide to write new drabbles the next day or whatever, a separate post is fine.

Winning points for your unit: For every successful drabble (on topic, 100 words), you receive ten (10) points to the unit of your choice. The winning unit doesn't get anything other than the satisfaction of knowing they beat the others.

Picking a unit: You may pick any unit to contribute your points towards, current or defunct, debuted or junior. You can pick the same unit every week or change it every week, and you don't have to pick the unit that you wrote about. Keep in mind though that probably current/popular units (Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, etc) will likely have the best chance of winning. But hey, if you want to root for Ya-Ya-yah every week, go crazy.

WORD COUNT: Titles don't count, words like 'a' and 'the' do. Hyphenated words can be considered as one or more, depending on what works for you. Word count as performed by MS Word or similar is fine; notice Word will count a section separator on its own line as a word.

Tags: Please tag your entry by challenge and by which units appear in your drabble.

Any other questions should be directed at your mods, mousapelli and kira_shadow. Get writing and have fun!